29 words of lent

holding tight to the frayed and ripped remnants
of yesterday’s dreams
not to recreate them
in a false prayer for utopia
but to find again
the hope they held


  1. Kel

    oh yes, you express so well the intangible aspect of dreams
    “the hope they held”

    aren’t we all in that space
    looking for a hope to hold onto

    i’m enjoying the daily dose of cherylisms
    thankyou for the commitment, guts and sheer determination it takes to churn out something like this for 40 days

  2. Thank you… Words that speak very much to me in the letting go of the current worship curating collective i’ve been part of… Letting go of the particularity of those people and that project, but not letting go of the hope, of the vocation

  3. ben

    I just caught up in my reading… reading these all at once is very powerful. Kind of like a punch or a hook in the stomach… Im reeling a little… You are doing something quite amazing with words… they are concealing and revealing at the same time… I’m in awe. Thanks for putting this stuff out there. These are prayers my body says “amen” to and my mind doesn’t understand. They are koans. Parables. Experiences.

  4. i’ll let you all in on a tiny secret… there was no plan to any of this, and only two rules: they have to take a minute or less to write, and i can’t edit them when they’re up. i’m loving the challenge. i’m so pleased others are finding something in them…

  5. Kel

    a minute or less
    no editing
    may i bow at your feet !!!

    you must get into stream of consciousness writing very fast . . .

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