40 remixed

Show the 40 meditation, accompanied by the Dead Texan track (thanks to Craig for the music tip).

Have three spaces in the worship space for people to move to afterwards:

First space: rip out pages from an old Bible, put them on a table with a black marker and the following words:

What are the parts of the Bible you really don’t like?

We all have them – they’re the parts that we’d rather skim over and leave for the rest.

(God already knows what they are)

Take the black marker and cross out some of the sentences in the Bible that you just wish weren’t there.

And as you do so, acknowledge to God that your picture of God is too small…

and pray that God will give you the courage to stretch it.

Second space: is just in front of the cross, with some pipe cleaners, a large wooden box, and the following words:

What is the truth about God that you hold most tightly… the belief about God that you treasure most.

Make an image that represents this belief out of the pipe cleaners.

When you’ve finished, put it into the box at the foot of the cross. Put that image aside for this


  1. craig mitchell

    this is good. the pipe cleaners are retro, but retro is in. why do they still call them pipe cleaners? no-one smokes a pipe. do people clean something else with them? space 3 intrigues me the most. i wonder if there’s a way that people could write questions to ask others about the pics (rather than you asking them all). but you also remind me of all the other ‘moments’ in those 40 days. what causes you to wonder? what would you like to hide from? what is most confronting to you at the moment? what is your easy way out?
    this is great. how to get people to create questions to ask of others and whether or not to filter those.

  2. Cheryl

    the pipe cleaners were on hand… and more abstract than clay or words… there is another name for them in the Zart Art catalogue (which has to be the most inspiring catalogue ever created), but i can never remember it

    i like the idea of getting people to ask questions… maybe a step too far for this group? It’s the participation question that i keep coming back to – how much do people interact physically with a space, and how much do they watch and think? And how do we get them to move from the latter to the former?

    I had a lot more questions that i took with me, but the space got too crowded with them… In retrospect, i don’t like the first few of my questions at all – they make this our story, not Jesus’ story, and i’m begining to feel a bit uneasy about that. I think maybe i’d write the questions very differently now – keep the last three, add some different ones at the beginning – so we don’t lose the power of this story being about God incarnate being stripped back in the wilderness. Does that make sense?

  3. I’ll be giving some of this a go over at teh school of discipleship this weekend, will let u know how it goes.

    am also planning a rock n candle lit labyrinth for the space…

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