I find it bemusing, sometimes, how abruptly we turn from one season to another in the christian year. It was only two months ago that we were doing christmas, for heavens sake, and now we’re into lent!

Someone said to me once that we should always be able to layer our theology of one season onto another, that the songs we sing at Christmas should still make sense on Good Friday.

I’m going to use Si Smith’s meditation, 40 for a reflection at the beginning of a meeting this week. I


  1. craig mitchell

    i use it with the Dead Texans; “A Chronicle Of Early Failures Pt One:. I’m looking forward to trying your idea. thanks.

  2. craig mitchell

    you must be a tech geek to get two songs to play in iphoto. did you do that or join them into one?

  3. Cheryl

    i selected the playlist that only had those two songs in it, and then selected for the photos to fit the music.

    i didn’t know it would work, just thought i’d try it.

    is that geeky? don’t let that get out.

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