5 things

i’ve been tagged by jonny… 5 things you probably don’t know about me:

1. when i was four, my best friend Kristen and i painted the neighbours’ new car silver. it was red to begin with. my family moved out of the town shortly after, but i don’t think the events were connected.

2. i really hated the Matrix movies. all of them.

3. i first killed a snake when i was 8 (supervised by my gran). it was a tiger snake. i poured boiling water over its head as it slept on the doorstep. i still have to ring the neighbours to come and deal with spiders though.

4. i once white water rafted down the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls.

5. i’ve just bought an apartment. for the first time in my life next year i’ll be living in a home which i or my family own.

i tag lisa, craig, jeff, sarah and dave

(at what point does this turn into six degrees of separation?)


  1. Dave w

    Re: #1. was Kristen your nieghbour’s too, and what the heck were you thinking! 😉

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