8 things you really never needed to know about me.

i’m not big on meme’s, mostly because my life really isn’t that interesting… but i really like bob, he’s my friend on facebook, and i’m doing everything i can to avoid trying to make sense of my corporate credit card statement…

so, 8 random things about me:

1. in my final year at school i studied physics, chemistry, double maths and geography. what was i thinking?

2. in january, i’m going on a road trip… we’re going to drive to the centre of australia, to visit utopia community [where my friend Lisa is a teacher]. it’s going to be insanely hot.

3. i had my tonsils out when i was four. they grew back. today they are sore.

4. The first piece of original art i purchased was a sketch by Michael Leunig… i bought it with money left to me by my grandparents. i love it.

5. have i mentioned on the blog that i’m going to paris again? i suspect i’ve mentioned it everywhere else.

6. i really love the tv show Big Love, which shows on sbs on sunday nights.

7. The last non-fiction book i bought was John Caputo’s ‘The Weakness of God: a theology of the event’. it arrives next week, and i can’t wait.

8. The last cd i bought was CocoRosie’s ‘The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn’. The next cd i will buy will be a collection of songs recorded by my friend Kirk Robson before he died, two years ago this week. the launch of the cd is on friday night.

so that’s me.

back to the credit card…


  1. Kel

    ooh, another paris bound ozchick

    and i reckon a michael leunig artwork is a brilliant first buy

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