a communion precursor

[i’m writing communion liturgies as part of a collection of liturgies for using in the prison. one of the things we try to emphasise in worship is the connection of the community of faith in the prison with communities of faith throughout history and across the world today]

The first time this story was told
they gathered around a table
a ragged collection of people

The first time this story was told,
Jesus promised that it was for all time
that whenever the bread was broken
and the wine was poured,
wherever the story was told around the table
he would be there.

Today we tell the story
as its been told a thousand times over;
we break the bread,
and we pour the wine;
sure, as we do,
that we belong at this table
and that Jesus is here with us.

On the night Jesus was betrayed…


  1. When I come to the table of the Lord
    I know I’m in good company
    Where else can you see so clearly
    That Christ came for all,
    Judas was about to betray Him
    Peter was to deny Him
    Many of His “Friends” would fall asleep
    All would fall away when the pressure of those moments would rise to a veritable crescendo
    And yet, here’s the strange thing
    Knowing that all of this was to come
    Jesus washed all of their feet, He didn’t leave any out
    Jesus broke bread & shared the cup with all of them
    He didn’t have a pre-requisite of holiness to be achieved before he let them join in
    Sinner, Friend, beloved
    He died for all, & invites all of us to be reminded of this
    Each & Every time we gather
    You are in good company you sinner, as you sit next to me.

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