a couple of catch-ups

The downloads this month from Proost include a simply stunning album by Pádraig O’Tuama called ‘Hymns to swear by’. One of my all-time best Greenbelt moments was a few years ago, late on a saturday night, listening to Pád singing ‘I found my home in babylon…’ during the ikon service – in fact, it would be one of the transformative moments in my life. I tried listening to this album on Monday and Tuesday when i was packing boxes for an immanent move, but i found i kept putting away the packing tape and sitting on the sofa to listen. i had it playing yesterday at the office, but again, i had to keep stopping to play a song or poem again, to listen more carefully. Proost has come up with some gems before, but this is something from another orbit. Jonny describes Pádraig as a contemporary mystic. I think he’s also one of the most human people i’ve met – these days that’s my greatest compliment.

I’ll put up a description of the Adelaide space in the days to come. Until then though, Jonny’s put a set of photos onto flickr… this is one of them, with another taster:

We knew it would be hard.

We knew that this is ground that only fools would walk.

We knew that the landscape of desire
is also shaped by the dried salt from tears long cried,
and denuded by the relentless glare
into our naked vulnerability.

If this is all you know:
walking, falling
battling a world where all elements would destroy
if only through disregard and disinterest,

if you would not be here
by choice
and if you could not be anywhere else,

taste some salt.

It will keep you alive.
it will let you live.


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