a few catch up things

Pete Rollins will be in town next January, after he’s done his bit at ncyc.

January’s a really tricky time to organise stuff, especially in an ncyc year. everyone’s on a bus travelling back from Perth, or at the beach… nonetheless, we are persistent.

At this stage we’re looking at doing a couple of events – one of those will be a public, everyone at the pub kind of event. we had hoped to do an alternative alternative worship event… kind of a grungy, underground thing for those people right on the edge of alt worship stuff, but that’s not going to happen (I’m actually really disappointed in that, but the timing is impossible). the other stuff will be great too. If you want to stay in touch with what’s happening, send me an email or leave a comment.

Alt worship liturgies… over the last couple of weeks i’ve had a few people send in liturgies for alt worship stuff that they’ve been doing around the state – it’s really good stuff. We’re in the process of re-designing this site, and i think we’ll have a download section for stuff like that. i’ll put them up on the site at that point.

Artists in community… A reminder that Daniel from Germany is looking for alt worship / artist communities to connect with in Perth, Port Macquarrie and Newcastle. i have been given a couple of names, but if you can help him out with more, let me know.