a hundred accumulated fragments

We’re beginning a process with prison chaplains in a couple of weeks which involves looking at Mark – next year’s lectionary gospel – and getting them to explore how the gospel can be interpreted from within and into the prison context. The plan is to put the chaplains’ insights together with some prayers, images and music to create a worship resource that they can use throughout the year.

i’m preparing for the workshop that will kick start the process, and opened up Francis Moloney’s commentary on Mark to discover this quote on the dedications page:

Bella memorized, repeating phrases, until her fingers were so tired they gave up resisting and got it right… But when she finished memorizing – bar by bar, section by section – and played the piece without stopping, I was lost; no longer aware of a hundred accumulated fragments but only of one long story, after which the house would fall silent for what seemed a very long time.

Anne Michael, Fugitive Pieces

i keep getting frustrated by fragments. i just want the long story without the work it takes to get there… here’s to memory and rehearsal, patience and resilience…


  1. i seem to remember nick cave’s intro to mark in the canongate pocket bible books series being pretty inspirational too…

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