A moment of clarity

each time you do

the third alternative worship gathering in the house of love!

Ever had one of those moments that gives you perspective? I had one last week.

My own story was one
I thought I knew,
in a moment,
It looked different.
A new perspective.

It was staring at me all that time, and I’d missed it.

3.00pm flexi-start
57 Hodges Road
No rsvp just bring something to share.
Chances are we’ll drift into an early dinner.
Local wines will be provided.

the plan:
1. Eat good simple food, drink good wine and good coffee
2. Talk with interesting people
3. Do interesting things
4. Or not.

This time we are again shaping things a bit more intentionally. It’s up to you to measure your response.

No singing.
No walking down aisles.
No preaching heads.
No specific start or end times.