a momentary blip

This has been an interesting couple of weeks.

It’s not that it’s all been awful – a number of very exciting ideas have (finally) become a reality, some of which i’ve been talking about on this blog, a couple of which i can talk about later this week (these fill my heart with joy!). there have been some unexpected opportunities that have come my way. I’m about to launch into a strategic thinking process for the next three years (yep, the project is definitely continuing… more about that later). i’ve even booked tickets for Greenbelt. It’s all good.

well, almost.

it goes without saying that making the inner workings of a project like this public on a website means that you become an open target for potshots. it’s easy for people to take an small part of what we do (to lift selected bits of information about one worship that’s described on this site, for example), and then make gross generalisations about the entire project, the motivations behind it (sort of like proof texting), and even about me (twee and inane have been my favourite description, and i haven’t even publicly confessed my robbie williams cd collection). it’s fine until it becomes public critique, and that’s happened a few times over the last two weeks. the sydney anglican article was one example of it, there have been others.

i’m not going to change what i put up on the blog (it’s like the urge i have to resist when i run workshops, and i start to tailor everything to win over the three people who are frowning at me from the back table, rather than the 20 other people in the room who are nodding). I really hope you’ll use the resources, adapt them, make them better. if you want to write about them or critique them publicly, feel absolutely free – i welcome the accountability – but i do hope that you’ll give your critique credibility by contacting me first (or reading the whole of the website) to check that you’ve got the whole picture.


  1. Dave w

    And all the people said… AMEN.

    Thanks Cheryl

    I for one have had my creativity, energy, passion and desire re-ignited through the likes of this project and you through your honesty in sharing it…

    I don’t write this for affirmation sake, or ‘pastoral’ concern (both of which are i would want to offer over a bottle of wine sometime soon!) – but rather and more importantly because you and the project offer a prophetic voice that needs airtime…

    wads of peace…

  2. Cheryl

    thanks so much.

    are you coming down in june? i’ll open the wine to breathe…

  3. mike

    After the initial anger subsides, I often wonder what it is that so threatens people about alternatives. I sense that, wrapped up in the whole one-eyed focus that can be a “fundamental” approach to Christianity, is a lurking insecurity which outwardly asserts “My Way” as “The ONLY way.”

    Not sure that I made sense there…

    Anyway, I’ve often wondered, as other imposed their righteous views upon me, about why I don’t get all righteous and indignant about my own views. Am I less, or more secure, or am I more open to a breadth of possibilities? Or am I wrong, as they assert?

    I’ve rambled myself into a hole here… I love the way your site does that to me… 😉


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