a pregnant pause – worship for advent [ii]

The context and intro to this worship can be found here
The gathering and station 1 can be found here

Station 2

The space was laid out with magnetic poetry and two readings: morning sickness [a pre-magnificat] and the magnificat from Luke’s Gospel.

Read the two poems:
one biblical, one not –
both faithful.

Is your waiting today
wrapped with fear?

Is your waiting today
coloured with gratitude?

Wait in the space for your prayer to come to you,
and if the words are on the table, write your prayer here.

Station 3

I looped the Isaiah 11 movie that Mike and I made as part of the Proost Nine collection [go buy the collection! it’s wonderful]

The table was laid out with copies of Isaiah 11, newspapers, and prints of stories from the last few days, made with this program that makes prints look like polaroids, which fits nicely with the movie…

The world seems anything but fertile.
Instead of being shaped by hope
we are defined by fear
paralysed by dread
and so filled with guilt

we have no space within us
to live with the risk of faith.

It takes courage to believe
the world is fertile space
ready for hope to be planted
for justice to be harvested
for compassion and peace to be born

it takes faith to believe the divine can live amongst us again…
and that we will recognise it
it takes faith to pray for justice, peace, compassion, hope…
and it takes great courage to live them in spite of the risks.

What is the impossible dream you dare to pray for the world this Christmas? Write it onto a picture frame…