a pregnant pause – worship for advent [iii]

The context and intro to this worship can be found here
The gathering and station 1 can be found here

Stations 2 and 3 can be found here.

Station 4

The table was laid out with a bowl of tiny kewpie dolls…

Advent can be cruel

for anyone who has longed for a pregnancy
– real or metaphorical –
who waits for the empty space inside them
to be filled with a gift of life;

for anyone who has watched hope be crushed by life’s fragility;

for anyone who has winced at the repetition of proclamations of hope, joy, love and peace, because they know there is simply none to be found…

If it takes all your faith to simply survive advent,
join your prayer to those throughout time
and throughout the world
who despair at hope’s promise.

Take a baby,
hold it in your hand

make your prayer of protest
or your prayer for peace.

If you would like to leave that here, then place the baby in the bowl

If you aren’t ready to leave it, take the baby with you.

Station 5

This wasn’t really a station – we just invited everyone to gather back and talk to one other person, asking the question ‘if Advent is a time of possibility, what is the realisation that would make it momentous for you? What do you most hope for, this advent’. [I don’t normally do conversation stuff in worship, but this is a group who know each other and seemed relaxed enough around each other for it to be useful]


The world has given up hoping
and maybe we have too.

In this advent
be blessed with courage to hear the call of faith –

to believe that love is being shaped right now
in the womb-space of a waiting world

and to live as though the miracle of hope’s birth
is waiting only for our yes


  1. Colin

    I’ve just finished reading through / experiencing this series. Thank you for being provocative in the best possible sense. Your comments re the creative process have give me pause for thought: I think I’ve become overwhelmed by the Sunday worship factory, so I tend to steal and tweak far more than giving of myself. And yet I know that there is an honesty (wrong word… depth? value? release? I don’t know…) about my own “crap” which is missing when I use the work of others, even when the others’ is so much better (wrong word… more beautiful? more professional? I don’t know…) than my own.
    Anyhow, thanks for stimulation, and the beauty.

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