a rumour

i finally finished a reasonable draft of the Good Friday liturgy for the prisons yesterday. It needs a lot of reworking, but it’s good to have a draft… i wrote the Easter Saturday postcards in a three minute window this morning [it only took three minutes to write, but behind that was approximately 6 hours of looking at a computer screen with absolutely no inspiration…]. now i’m onto an Easter Sunday liturgy for the prisons. I don’t think we’ll end up using this, but i like it so i’m putting it up here!

We have gathered together
because we’re people who have heard a rumour
that there’s life to be found on the other side of death.

We’re here because just the rumour is enough to bring a breath of hope
and just the hope is enough to bring a moment of life.

We’re here because even though it is only a rumour, a breath, a moment,
it’s changed our death forever.

Welcome to worship.