i’m indebted to my friend jenny byrnes, who has taught me more than anyone else about leadership and learning… and adrenaline addiction.

did you know adrenaline is a chemical, and that it’s addictive? it’s always a fine line, when in a line of work that relies on adrenaline to survive the intense periods, to know when to go into withdrawal.

this morning i finished the first draft of a major article that i’ve been writing for Easter. It’s the hardest one I’ve written. the editor will get back to me tomorrow, so i won’t know until then whether i need to find 30 minutes to do a final tweak, or 2 days to do a major rewrite. I’ve finished the liturgies that will be used in prisons over easter. The easter postcards have been distributed to chaplains. For the Easter Saturday things i’m reliant on a couple of other people to get things to me before I can do stuff. It’s been pretty intense, and it’s about to get more so. There’s no point winding down, because the energy required to wind up again will be too great. So i’m filling my afternoon planning new things! My very favourite thing to do…

The Last Supper… we’re stealing the idea, brazenly, from ikon. We did it first when Pete was here, it got dropped over the last couple of chaotic months, but it’s time to get it moving again. I’m wondering who we should have as a guest…The person i’d really love to get is Hana from the moroccan soup bar. I’d love her to come and talk about her perspective on all things inter-faith in the melbourne context. She’s wild, incredibly intelligent, passionate about justice, feminism and islam. she talks a mile a minute and isn’t afraid of controversy. maybe we’ll have moroccan takeaway for dinner tonight, and i’ll ask her when i go pick it up.

The Learning group – i talked about this here. There are enough people to make it a go-er, but there’s still room for a couple more. Ring or email me if you want to get involved – i won’t be posting any more information on-line about this for a while yet, so if you want to find out more you’ll need to talk to me. I’m really excited about this. i know i say that a lot, but this is not a week for flinging random excitement about, so you can trust me on this one.

[am i going to regret writing that sentence?]


  1. Moroccan soup bar…

    now im hungry, that place could send me vegetarian.

    sounds really good, i hope she says yes.

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