advent 2005… how to turn a room into a womb

in response to an email regarding an earlier post about stuff in advent, this is how i think we’ll create some kind of ‘womb-like’ atmosphere

The room we’re using isn’t very large – probably twice the size of an average lounge room, slightly higher ceilings. It has no natural light, and we’d start with it dark and create our own lighting.

We’ll use fabric to ‘soften’ the corners – metres and metres of it, kind of swathing it diagonally from the ceiling to the floor (which means it falls much better), using suction caps on mirrors, thumb tacks on the tops of doors, anything we can attach it to, really… it will be a fairly loose weave, soft fabric, and quite dark i think.

We’ll project into the back corner a looping clip of a baby in the womb, which comes from the dvd “The Human Body”. It’s the most beautiful clip… (while it would be nice to rear project, the light from the projector will be too bright through the fabric, especially given that both the clip and fabric are quite dark). The image will be quite muted – though maybe (i just thought of this, and haven’t thought it through!) depending on how it looks, we’ll project onto gold satin…

around the stations we’ll have candles or lamps as the lighting (depending on the fire restrictions)

and the music will be very ‘heartbeat’ like – i was just listening to Bliss’s “Song for Olabi” off the album “Quiet Letters”, and that would be the perfect thing.

so, very simple… it’s how i imagine it now, anyway… i know it will change significantly in shape when we come to do it…