advent and christmas songs

a compiled list of suggestions for advent and christmas music from the youthmultimedia egroup:

from rob
‘Salt’ David Bridie
‘Wash Me Clean’ Bernard Fanning
‘The Wonder’ Alex Lloyd
lots of Brian Eno
‘Wedding Cake Island’ Midnight Oil
‘One Tree Hill’ U2
‘Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe’ Live
anything by Natalie Merchant

from craig
“Playground Love” by Air from “The Virgin Suicides” soundtrack
“Falling At Your Feet” by Bono/Lanois from the Million Dollar Hotel
“Strong Hand of Love” by Bruce Cockburn from “Strong Hand of Love: a
Tribute to Mark Heard”
“Pacing the Cage” by Bruce Cockburn from “The Charity of Night”
Moby from “Hotel” Disk 2 – “Not Sensitive”, “The Come Down”, “Live
Forever”, “Aerial”
Other Moby – “Grace”, “When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die”
Decoder Ring – “Somersault” soundtrack – “Heidi’s Theme”, “Rough Sex”,
Stafraenn Hakon – “Kofi”, “E.K”, “Hv??ti H??karlinn”
Urban Myth Club – “Sanctuary”

from jonny
Gabriel – lamb
Nothing to be afraid of – lazyboy
The story of light – william orbit
Zion – lauryn hill
O come o come emmanuel – late late service
One the rhodes again – morcheeba
Stoned together – mama olivier (K and D mix)
Peace on earth – U2
Any other name – thomas newman
100 billion stars – afterlife
Wise men – late late service
Starlovers – Gus gus
New world – attaboy
Prince of peace – galliano
Deliver me – the beloved
Waiting hopefully – d*note
Silence – delerium
Gabriel – roy davis jnr
The creator has a master plan – routine
Incense – Andy Thornton (second half of labyrinth CD track holy space)
You are the source – grace
Inspiration – kerri chandler
The joy you bring – swing 52
Thank you – bebe winans
One of us – joan osborne
He became poor -grace
Superstar – roy ayers
Waiting Line – Zero 7
In the east – Spirit of the new
Marys baby – spirit of the new
Take me home – spirit of the new
Wait til you see him – ella fitzgerald (version on verve remixed)
So beautiful – urban myth club
O God where are you now? – Sufjan stevens
Opening meditation on CD with Worshipping the creator – ask me if interested
and I’ll e-mail it
I will wait – maggi dawn
Sufjan Stevens christmas Eps – see
Sue wallace latest carol CD –

from darren
Sigur Ros (anything)
Mum (anything)
Moby (mostly from the cd “ambient” and “I like to score” and “everything
is wrong” and “Moby Play (cd2)”
Afro Celt Sound System
Sheila Chandra (A Bone Crone Drone)
Bruce Cockburn – Cry of a Tiny Babe
Leonard Cohen – Anthem
Jackson Browne – Rebel Jesus
FUGAZI – Waiting Room
Tom Petty – The Waiting
Pink –


  1. i have a christmas compilation cd here from an old TOLLS service, i ended the service with Tori Amos singing “have yourself a merry little christmas”

    I remember geoff looking at me in complete shock at the song choice, while a couple of us just sat there laughing at the tune blare through the church…

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