advent candle lighting

the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light… or so Isaiah 9 tells us. light doesn’t exist to be looked at, it’s to help us see the world in a way that wasn’t possible before. we’re not meant to spend our life looking at jesus, we’re meant to spend our life looking at the world in a way that jesus makes possible.

so, this is an advent candle lighting liturgy, written for the prisons. i think we’ll use the same thing over advent, and just change the appropriate words in the second part – lots of the prisons won’t have worship each week, so we need something that can be used as a ‘whole’.

person 1

we are people living in darkness.
we can’t see the world around us,
the faces of those who are near us.
we can’t see the ground we walk on,
we can’t see the way ahead.

person 2
[light the candle]
we light this candle in the darkness so we can see where [love] is living,
and where more is needed,
in our lives and the world
and we pray that the one who brings [love] will come.

come, Jesus, come.