advent in prison 2

The world is getting ready for Christmas.

The newspapers are full of glossy Christmas catalogues.
People are already complaining about prices, queues, crowds,
of how busy things already are,
and how quickly this has come around.
They’re arguing about who should be invited
and where Christmas should be.

We wish we could complain about that too.

Come, God,
into our monotony and anxiety
as we begin the walk to Christmas.

Bring love into the empty spaces in our days
and lives,

and into the waiting for what is to come,
bring peace.



  1. Advent; the coming or arrival of something important. When Christ was crucified, the good book tells us that He was hung between 2 thieves. Faced with the inevitability of their circumstance each made a vastly different choice from the other.
    We are not waiting for the literal birth of Christ this Advent, but maybe we have more in common with the 2 two who had to wait for the inevitability of their mortality. Both looked into the blood stained face of their fellow “criminal”; one saw the face of Christ & prayed a simple & humble prayer that melted our Lords heart- “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom”.

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