advent in prison

a little something from week one of advent, when the gospel reading is Matthew 24:36-44… no-one knows the day or hour…


we confess that we no longer wait for you, God
or the love that comes in your name.
we no longer eagerly anticipate the advent
of hope or joy or peace
because the disappointment is too great
when you don’t turn up.

we wonder why you can’t make a better plan than this
something a little less risky, and a little more foolproof.

we confess our cynicism,
our fear,
and our doubt.
and with what little faith we have left,
we pray you will wrap them with forgiveness
born of infinite love and compassion.

may today be the day that we find you.
may today be the day that you come.



we have had enough of the waiting, god

where the world is crushing itself with intolerance or indifference,
come now as life
where nations are destroying each other with bombs or apathy,
come now as hope
where people rip each other’s lives apart with hatred or disinterest,
come now as peace

and where we have given up on the power of love
to change anything in our lives or the world,
come now as faith.



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