alt worship in tassie

this is really late notice, but there’s a wee group holding alt worship tonight in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s happening at 157 Risdon Rd, Lutana… and the hope is that this will be the start of something fabulous and ongoing.

Graham’s the contact for this – i won’t put his email address up here, but email me and i can connect you if you want to be part of this in the future.


  1. It all went very well, in fact better than we dared hope! Photos and details are here:

    All ten of the stations were well received, but especially the tactile ones, e.g. writing down your negative thoughts and burning them was a real hit, as was writing on the TV screens.

    The things we learned from the night included:

    1. People respond well to being able to *do* something, especially if it’s a little out of the ordinary (like writing on the TVs etc.)
    2. Kitsch things are OK, such as the bobble-headed Jesus in the box station, and the M&Ms station (although that might have simply been the popularity of chocolate of course).
    3. Everyone appreciated a quiet, meditative area away from the other stations to which they could return to digest what they learned/discovered at the other stations.
    4. Self-serve communion is OK!
    5. Even run-down slummy homes can be turned into effective worship spaces!
    6. You can use whatever is at hand. Data projectors and moving lights are not mandatory.
    7. You don’t necesarily have to do anything particularly or sensationally “new”.
    8. Sharing a meal afterwards is a great way to debrief (and a great way to finish off the communion wine too).

    It’s a start – hopefully something will grow out of it!



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