alt worship learning group

We’re about to begin a new phase with this project – we’re pulling together a small group of people who want to be involved in an intentional learning community, exploring alternative worship and new forms of faith community. There are a number of us around who are playing with alternative worship [or who are dreaming of doing that] in our own local context, but who know we would learn much more if we tried stuff and reflected on it with other people around us… and if we could see some things beyond our own context that would stretch and provoke our imaginations.

The learning community is being shaped to include input and conversation with some amazing practitioners in alt worship and new faith communities, as well as learning really practical skills from those who have been doing it forever.

So… if you’re from Victoria, looking for a way to explore more deeply what you’re already doing [or what you hope to be doing] in alternative worship and forms of faith community, and would like a group of people to do that alongside… get in touch with me for more information about what this all involves. The commitment would include a two week intensive in August.

We’re looking for people who

– have an ongoing commitment to being involved in alt worship / new forms of faith community

– have a capacity for critical thinking

– like learning

– are able to make the time to be involved in this.

Email or ring me if you want to talk more about this.