alt worship workshop

i’m leading a day long alternative worship workshop on June 14, at Otira in Kew. This is part of Otira’s Continuing Education for Ministers program. Register by ringing Otira on 9853 2000.

Workshops on alternative worship – particularly with ministers – are always tricky. there are a lot of assumptions about worship that alt worship calls into question – the concepts of leadership, proclamation, authority. There are inevitably (and appropriately) questions about intention and manipulation. There will be some there who (perhaps subconsciously) feel quite threatened by the concept of alternative worship. There’ll be many who feel like failures in the whole worship scene.

I’m doing worship at the beginning, as always… I have to remember that the aim, as always, is not to impress, it’s to create a space where people might encounter God… and since the Sunday before is Trinity Sunday, and as the trinity is a doctrine that stretches my claims to orthodoxy, I also have to remember that worship is not a theological battleground…

A quote i found today as i looked through worship stuff to write a program for the workshop:

“Much of the mainstream has labeled what we do as ‘alternative’. But we have no interest in being viewed as mainstream by an organisation that is itself so marginal. We are concerned with presenting our faith in a way that our culture would see as mainstream. We believe that this is in continuity with the way of Christ.”

– Vaux