alternative community – spirited exchanges

One of the things that was planned for Steve Collins’ visit was an alternative worship unconference – 30 people from around Australia and NZ were going to spend 3 days together talking, experimenting, discovering, playing… we’ll hold it later in the year, but there are a few people who had already booked flights, and who will be in melbourne at that time.

Jenny McIntosh, from Spirited Exchanges, is one of them… she suggested that this leaves us with a great opportunity for people from


  1. And would there be any sort of a chance to hear the conversations, experiences, thoughts via this blog for those of us who are deadly interested but just a little too far away to make it?

  2. Cheryl

    dammit. i was going to keep it all a big secret…

    there’s a spirited exchanges network that’s just begun in the uk… maybe you could be the scottish link… though you’d have to leave the church…

    it’s brand new, so the website’s just getting started.

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