an op-ed piece in the Age today

it’s been ridiculously hot in melbourne this week – mid 30’s to low 40’s [that’s celsius], with only a couple of days respite. we did what every sensible person in town did: escaped to the movies. 5 times.

out of all the films i saw – which included Atonement [melancholic, profound and beautiful], No Country for Old Men [mesmerising, frightening and remarkable], The Darjeeling Limited [funny, quirky, clever] – i could not have imagined that it would be P.S. I love you i’d be asked to write meaningful things about for the paper… and indeed that i would see it twice as a result.

at least i can claim the ticket price on tax.

here it is, an op-ed piece in today’s Sunday Age about P.S. I love you … and grief, death, language and ritual.

[still on holidays… off to tasmania tomorrow… ]


  1. mike

    Fantastic article, but more importantly, I now have a list of movies to see on the next hot days…

  2. Sue

    Excellent stuff, Cheryl. I love the way you weaved it together and I really love the deft touch you used too. Kudos.

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