and it’s only day 4 of the election campaign…

just today
let’s not have an opinion.

let’s not feel we need to declare where ben cousins went wrong
or whether he should play football again.
let’s not believe we have any wisdom about pulp mills
if we didn’t even know such things existed last week.
let’s not think we have to be wise about immigration or indigenous affairs
before we even know what the laws are
or what impact they have on those who live with them.
let’s not know what anyone else needs to do.

let’s not assume the world needs to know what we believe

let’s just stand back for a moment and breathe.

the great whirl of opinions, filling every newspaper, radio show, and cafe conversation
won’t really notice if we’re not contributing, just for today.

[though if, at the end of the day, we like ourselves and the world a little better
we can do it again tomorrow.]


  1. If I were to write a leadership training module based on what the current crop of political leaders are demonstrating to all & sundry, I wonder (based on what they are displaying) what some of the module titles are…
    Lship 101.1- The greatest way you can lead people & influence their lives, is by throwing money at whatever the popular cause might be
    Lship 101.2- Don’t show any outward sign of respect for your opponents.
    Lship 101.3- the advantage of Fear;
    Lship 101.4- personal convictions as a sign of weakness

    Do you have any to add?

  2. Cheryl

    i agree, but i have a feeling that all of us fall into those traps… maybe they’re just echoing the general public…

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