Another gathering

This one’s for the Melbourne Assessment Prison where I’m starting to lead worship in a couple of weeks time.. two weeks’ of impending annual leave are making the writing process pretty rough – but i think that’s the new reality anyway.

I really love doing worship in the prison. It’s the most gracious and generous environment for doing that – people are kind in there…

We gather for worship:
an unlikely group of people
perhaps united only by the wish
that this moment in history would be over
and that we could meet anywhere but here

But in gathering for worship
we are living an act of faith
practiced for thousands of years
that says we believe God chooses to be here
in this very place
and this very moment.

And by gathering in worship
we make space in our cynicism, dread and doubt,
in the anxiety and boredom and frustration,
for God’s presence, God’s love and God’s grace.

Welcome to worship.


  1. Fran

    Hi Cheryl, I’m here in response to your article, ‘Faith in the face of hatred’ in ‘Crosslight No. 239 December 2013.

    I have been recording and writing the ‘Spiritual Biographies’ of people in a local church. There are some very tender and touching moments.

    Would there be a place for a lay person to spend time with some of you prison contacts to listen to their story? I give my candidates some questions to peruse prior to the interview. Questions that come to mind are: Do you or have you ever seen a glimmer of hope? Who have you loved/who do you love? Who has let you down?

    I’m just running with an idea, rather than leaving it on the shelf!

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