anyone for a drink?

i’m going over to the UK in a couple of weeks to hang out at greenbelt. i’m going to stay on for a couple of weeks to catch up with people who are doing interesting things (if any of you aren’t on holidays…), spend a couple of days shopping in paris, then end up in belfast for a few days.
if you’re going to be at greenbelt, i’d love to meet you. i’ll be the one with the australian accent.

[…and i’ll also be the one doing a workshop on the sunday, 4pm in the emerging church cafe. it’s called ‘wild spaces’, and it will be a conversation about how we curate alternative worship with those who are on the fringes of our communities – people in prisons, etc.]

i expect to be awe-struck at greenbelt… all these famous bloggers in one place (what’s the blogging equivalent of “can you autograph your book for me?”). i was wondering last night whether i should offer an invitation (in the guise of research into my user-group)… if you’re reading this, i’ll buy you a beer… but then i thought people would recognise that immediately as a blatant attempt to find someone to have a drink with…