1. I just had a flyer handed to me on yesterday and I do want to go, mostly to hang around with others who are interested in the future of discipleship/church/spirituality. BUT I’m booked for Dragon-boat racing on the Sunday, and Friday’s full too. I wonder how ‘high-powered it might be. I can resonate with your feeling of being a foow.

    I also enjoyed reading through your Ash Wednesday installation Cheryl – noting some anxiety in yself over the burning coals aspect. A delicate operation that one!

    =) B

  2. Age

    Yep – I have a space with cafe praxis selling coffee, bit of art, lots of petitions and social justice stuff…. unfortunately no real space for deeper thinking and conversation.

  3. Cheryl

    blair – i’ve done burning coals quite often outside, and in large churches where the smoke has far more space to dissipate. the chapel here is a small enclosed space, every surface is flammable, and the ceiling is dotted with smoke sensors…

    but it was fine.

    i didn’t find DS1 high powered.

    Age – i look forward to many morepraxis lattes. i have the tshirt still if you want me to be making some for you. can i put some postcards on the morepraxis thing? maybe i’ll email you…

  4. Age

    Cool. Feel free to come an play and of course you can postcard propaganda in the space 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t mind going just to hear Brian Mclaren. The website doesn’t have any details on times, I’m hoping just to get to a couple of sessions over the weekend.

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