astronomy, knitting and changing the world

It would be lovely to do a blog post on each of these things, but in the absence of focus – and because what I think really doesn’t matter [read point 9] – this will do instead.

My friend Maryanne keeps texting me when she’s on her way home from work, driving past the Retreat in Abbotsford [the Sullivans pub, for those of us who grew up in the 70’s]. ‘He’s there again’, she says. So on the first fine night next week we’re going… i might talk to him about doing rooftop astronomy here at the office [we have a great rooftop garden here in the city]… We tossed it around as an idea for part of the solstice… [June 20, exact times to be announced soon, here in the basement].

It’s winter, so the knitting needles have come out again. This is a great thought about the power of social networking… and worth reading, especially by those who mock the potential of knitting needles as a vehicle for social change.

This will get a longer post soon, but we’re doing the UK trip again… travelling to Greenbelt, then moving around to meet with different people who are exploring new forms of worship and community. This is the last time we’ll be doing this particular version of the trip – next year’s is going to be substantially different [and completely brilliant!] – but if you’re interested in this incarnation of the trip, then get in touch. The dates are 22nd August – 9th September. Talk to me about the cost…

The Space Makers Network is primarily a London based network of people creating [not just talking about!] third spaces… I haven’t explored it much, but i’m putting it here so I don’t forget it…

I’ve been recommending this site to a friends over the last few weeks who have been asking ‘how they can help’, so thought I’d throw it up here: Good Company helps 670 community groups in over a dozen social sectors match roles with skilled professional volunteers in NSW and Vic.

I might be disclosing too much here, but what the heck. I have three mantras that I developed and used to death a few years ago, when the job I was in was going through a really dark phase. They were for use in meetings: the first was ‘I do not hold the whole truth’; the second was ‘Let nothing disturb me, all things are passing’ [drawing on the power of the mystics!]; the third was basically a ‘screw you’ phrase [though in more cathartic language], and offered me an opt out from having to search for the good in what was happening. The rule was that I had to go through them in order, and that i had to give each a fair chance. And it worked. After a few weeks, I found myself never getting to number 3, I’d come out of meetings sane, and by the time I left that job I was far more gracious, even with really difficult people and situations [and myself!]. I don’t have many meetings in this job [hooray!] and the ones I do have are fun and constructive, so the mantras are getting dusty… Anyway, all that’s to say that I think I’ve found a new one… this post from jonny keeps haunting me on a dozen unsettling levels… and i’ve been finding myself sitting in meetings, and weighing up opportunities and requests this week by muttering under my breath, ‘if it’s not about risk don’t f***ing do it’…


  1. Libby

    So what are you knitting? I started a scarf at Easter (not time to shop for wool, so grabbed a couple of balls and some needles form my stash and have made it up as I go along – it will be finished when I run out of wool) – but I have my eye on one by Jo Sharp.

  2. Hey Lib – i keep thinking i need to email you! I’m knitting a Jo Sharp cardie in black [with a grey fleck] aran tweed [which is so lovely to knit with].Very simple, cropped, boxy shape, and it’s coming up quite nicely… you good?

  3. … actually, the really nice thing is that it’s the first time in years I’ve knitted something that’s not a baby blanket… hoping that little phase of my life is over!

  4. Libby

    Please don’t tell me you are knitting the garter stitch jacket from Knit Issue 6 pattern number 4 in Licorice….

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