at 3 this morning

Today i’m doing what i normally do the day after flying in from london – having dithery, inarticulate conversations with friends, and looking at the clock trying to calculate the earliest i can go back to bed – too early and i’ll be awake again at 3am, too late and the next wave of adrenalin will kick in so i’m still awake at 3am.

Which I was this morning for a few hours. I read some blogs: Pete’s been writing about secular and sacred space, which adds a new dimension to stuff i’ve talked about here before, and i need to read it again at a slightly less vagued moment. I need to go back to read his stuff about an interventionist God too… i’m more with nick cave than pete on this one, i think… I loved Mark Berry’s meditation spaces too. I’m so impressed by what he and his community are doing.

I also started thinking about networking, sparked by a conversation with jonny baker this week (thanks so much to the Baker’s for their fabulous hospitality). I wonder if the time is ripe for some intentional network of alt worship stuff in australia. There are excellent emerging church networks throughout the country, but nothing that really focusses on new forms of worship. There’s the potential for something to begin with the nosh in October (heads up that steve collins is coming out in just a couple of weeks to be part of that – when i’m back in the office i’ll put up stuff about his visit…), but that will only be with a small number of people. let me know if you’d like to be part of some intentional network, and we’ll start thinking together about how to make that happen, and what the networking might involve.

And, also inspired by a conversation with jonny, i started to brainstorm options for writing and / or studying again. This is the first year i’ve not done any writing or studying outside of work. it’s been lovely to have time for a life again, but i’ve missed the stimulation. I’m wondering whether to think about a PhD, working on stuff to do with the relationship between intuition and organisational change (which i touched the edges of while studying for my masters), or whether to start some more deliberate writing (about what, i do not know), or whether to study part time to be a landscape gardener…

Then i spent an hour wandering around the Duke Special website, which Pete Rollins put me onto. Pete Wilson, the guy behind Duke Special, has been connected with Ikon, and his music is fantastic – damn fine piano, beautiful lyrics and singing, dreadlocks (I admire all who have dreadlocks because i know that my hair is one unwashed day away from joining them).

as i wrote this, a friend dropped in with some wine, food and herbal tea (all to aid recovery from jetlag)… and a jar of red dirt from the centre of australia. i’ll be off line for the next few days while i run my fingers through the dirt and ground myself again. i’m back in the office monday. If you’ve sent emails to my work address over the last couple of weeks i’ve been able to read them but not reply. They’ve got a new server at work, and my computer needs to be reconfigured to work remotely… i’ll reply as soon as i can.