august update

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today’s my last day in the office for 5 weeks… i’m off to the UK on Tuesday. As a result, blogging will be very sporadic, but i wanted to let you know first about a couple of things happening later in the year.

If you’ve been reading this blog over the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed a plethora of alternative worship workshops that are coming up. We had scheduled a stations workshop for October 20, but we’re moving that to November 10, so there is some breathing space between all the opportunities. It will still be held in the basement carpark in the city. The idea for the day is to ‘ground’ the theory of stations worship in developing Advent spaces. It’s going to be a good day.

We’ve also got some big stuff coming up in May / June next year, if you’re interested in urban ministry and alternative worship. I’ll be able to say more about that on my return, but keep the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June free if you can. i’m very excited about this.

There are about 11 of us who’ll be travelling together in the UK over the next few weeks, from Victoria and NSW, researching alternative forms of worship and community. It’s a really diverse group who’ll be going. i’m looking forward to the energy and imagination that the trip will provoke… i’m looking forward to soaking up greenbelt, and the wisdom of those we’ll be meeting afterwards… i’m looking forward to face to face conversations with people who inspire me from thousands of kilometres away. the timing couldn’t be better.

as someone said to me in an email this week, it’s obvious by the length of blog posts that things have been busy. sorry if it’s been a bit heavy here over the last few weeks! it will be lovely to take a breath and let things just unfold for a while…


  1. kel

    green with envy
    shall have to live it vicariously through your blogposts, so please do share 🙂

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