i took the last post down – i only meant it to stay up for a couple of days, but once i’d posted it i switched straight into holiday mode and completely forgot i even had a website.

a couple of things… Nahum is posting some of the video loops from the easter basement installation onto his website and youtube. These include a pre-dawn train trip from werribee to melbourne, 30 minutes of pre-dawn melbourne skyline, and a sparking cigarette lighter. These are fantastic bits of footage. If you want them in greater resolution then we can probably arrange that. email and let me know.

we went to hear Lou Rhodes on Friday night. She was playing at the Northcote Social Club, which is such a brilliant venue – small, close to home… She played some songs from her upcoming album, which were, if possible, even more exquisite than the songs on Beloved One. She was also one of the most centred, still performers i can remember seeing. She wasn’t there to perform, she was there to let the songs be sung. it was really beautiful.

towards the end of the night she apologised for not being all of Lamb… she said she knew we would be disappointed about that. It took my breath away. She could not have been more wrong.

On the way into work this morning i realised how much time i’ve spent this year apologising for not being something else, wishing i could do things differently and better… imagining who could do this job differently and better. No more.


  1. Lyn

    Good to see you back Cheryl. I’m an apologiser, my husband always says to me “stop apologising for things”. Do we apologise because we don’t think we meet the mark? Is it a female trait?

  2. i love lou rhodes – saw her at the big chill and she and the band were stunning… glad to hear more songs are on the way.

    and i like the no more apologising for being you vibe – i am in danger of being in your fan club i know but keep on being you. we love you!

  3. Cheryl


    jonny, you introduced me to lou rhodes in solo mode. i am forever grateful.

    lyn, you could be right, but the two people i know who apologise most [and for the least reason] for their work are both males. maybe they’re just well in touch with their feminine side…!

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