Bandy conference in February

is anyone who reads this going to the Tom Bandy conference in Melbourne on Feb 17 and 18? Want to do stuff with worship?

i’ve promised myself that Bandy will be the last ‘big’ worship we do as part of this project. It goes so far against the grain of what we do here… and i’m not convinced in the slightest that showcasing is helpful. I think (at it’s best) it just intimidates or (at its worst) proves every bad thing everyone has thought about alternative worship.

We can’t do stations… there’s not the time, or the space (300 people, 30 minutes worship, 2 days).

I don’t want to ‘preach at’… whether through sermon, video, music, whatever. i want people to encounter God in a space where they can be transformed by God…

any ideas?

i like the idea of going with the ‘We have decided not to die’ theme for the second day. The first day we might go with the concept of being a flicker in God’s memory. i’ve started writing stuff for that… i’ll put that up a bit later on today.

I think we might go with Ecclesiastes on both days… which i think is the most post-modern book in the bible…