be gentle with the edges of the world


[photo stolen shamelessly from ben’s facebook album]

I really hope Sarah, from our trip, will blog about this soon, but she’s a little busy being back, and i don’t want to forget…

One of the phrases that became part of our lexicon in the UK was from the Ernesto Neto ‘Edges of the World’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. This was a beautiful piece of immersive art – the creation of an imaginary world that filled the top floor of the gallery space and spilled out onto the rooftop; a world so captivating and transforming that people changed from the moment they walked into it.

It sparked the question in the group about how we create spaces that liberate people to be different within them – like this one did – but that’s a bigger conversation for another day.

This sign was written on the wall that faced us as we walked up the stairs into the space:


And another, at the entrance to one of the tunnels:

It was Sarah who came up with the wisdom. ‘You know,’ she said, next morning over breakfast, ‘so much of the language of the church about the edge is violent. People have the desire to be the ‘cutting edge’. It’s so lovely to be reminded of the edge’s fragility: to be gentle with the edges of the world.’


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