being pedantic

I just wrote this blethery kind of post about all the stuff i’ve learnt this week, which would be of no consequence to anyone else so i deleted it. Let me just say thanks to Jonny, Ian and Steve – the conversations have been inspiring, finding some of my story echoed in your experiences and wisdom.

someone sent me an email this week asking about the difference between sacred space and worship, and wondering whether i’m being pedantic. i probably am.

My understanding of worship is that it creating a space for an encounter with God that transforms us to live differently in the world – to live in a way that will bring about the realm of God. Worship is only worship if it feeds into the every day worship of living with justice, mercy and humility. worship demands a response. It’s the act of a community, not an individual. In fact, i think it is the central act of the Christian community.

Sacred space strikes me as something very different. It’s purely a moment of grace, a gift. it demands no response. it’s pure evangelism (for both the unconverted and unconverted?), although i don’t think it necessarily demands that God is named for it to be a moment of grace. I don’t think it’s pre-worship, and it’s not inferior to worship. I think it stands, rightly, on its own, as something quite different and just as important.

Does that make sense? I don’t think they’re false distinctions. correct me if i’m wrong…

Going here tomorrow. Wish i’d paid more attention in german classes. I can only remember how to count to ten, and I suspect that will be no help. ach.