best line of the flight

in London. it’s warm and sunny.
best line of the flight was from the pilot while we were still at the gate at Melbourne airport: “We just have to wait ten minutes for the glue to set in the engine before we push back to the runway”.

Qantas have just upgraded their entertainment service. They have about 30 movies, at least the same number of tv programs and cd’s all available to watch “on demand”. You can start them when you want, pause and rewind, etc. I watched Jindabyne (slow, great soundtrack), Ten Canoes (fantastic), a quite funny film called “Thank you for smoking”, Mission Impossible III, Brokeback Mountain, 6 episodes of House, 6 episodes of The Office… It’s a very long flight, and I don’t sleep…


  1. Blair

    You poor poppet. I hope you get a good snooze before hitting the festival scene.

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