between the spaces

we had the first of the ‘between the spaces’ nights on wednesday – a gathering of a wee group of people who have worked on the basement spaces over the last year or so, and who have decided we might want to meet more intentionally to plan the spaces and explore faith and spirituality within a creative context.

it was good. no grand plans [although a few great ideas for things we might do!], no great statements about the kind of group we might be, or the things we aspire to… just a conversation about where we’re at, and what might be possible within that. i think most of the group are not sure what shape of community we can connect with or commit to, so we have no plans for becoming a particular type of community – we’ll just begin with a common idea, a few possibilities that will no doubt be rewritten as we go, and see what evolves from that.

we’re having another drink together in a few weeks time. let me know if you want to be part of it and i’ll pass on details.

[the soundtrack for the conversation (provided by the pub where we were meeting) was the CD Divenire, by Ludovico Einaudi. it’s piano and strings – kind of minimalist contemporary classical. it was so beautiful it stopped us talking mid-sentence. i just bought it and have it playing now…]