black is the new black

Someone told me the website had been very black over the last few weeks, and that it will be scaring people away. Alas, i wear black better than any other colour…

It’s not all dark here, by any stretch of the imagination, but i can’t write about the fun work stuff just now. We’re making a few changes in direction with the project, and with my role, and that needs to be sorted before things become public. This is annual performance review time, which i always love – no really, i do! – it’s the chance to take a breath, transcend what’s happening, put things into their proper perspective, get slapped down a little where necessary and elevated where that’s due too. More about that when i can.

But, back to the black… The grass is growing again along some stretches of the road to Kinglake West. I was up there again today. The new growth is beautiful, but it’s no comfort to the man I met last week whose children and partner died in the fires. I kept thinking of Auden: ‘Stop all the clocks‘, he says…

‘The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.’

It resonates with something I was thinking during the restorative justice forum yesterday. I know we need to see small things, beacons along the way to becoming new, as Anna McKenzie says, but the world needs the kind of monumental miracles that don’t come incrementally; the impossible, un-inevitable resurrections, that aren’t part of the natural cycle of life, but that break into it in a beyond-natural kind of way. We need them in the prison system. We need them in Kinglake West. We need them in the church. And i no longer want to be content with less.


  1. Kel

    it’s my blog and I’ll wear black if i want to !!!

    for every thing there is a season

  2. Greg the Explorer

    And i no longer want to be content with less….

    I pray that we all gain that dissatisfaction with the status quo

  3. I think being able to deal with black and present glimmers of hope is much more likely to meet people where they are than being constantly full of joy and fun. Isn’t scaring me away!

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