blessed be the perplexed and confused

blessed be the perplexed and the confused
for theirs will be the kingdom of holy insecurity…

i search the scriptures for the stories that tell like mine:
for those who were found
and now are lost;
who could see
and now are blind

but the words and stories
that have been my staff and strength
finished too soon

and where there were answers
there are now only questions
scored deeply into the heart of my soul
like a compass point
ripping into my skin
and tattooing indelible prayers
of faithlessness.


  1. Blair

    Read this again today, and thought of your poem too.

    God bless the lost, the confused,
    the unsure, the bewildered, the puzzled,
    the mystified, the baffled, and the perplexed.


    ~ Michael Leunig

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