bring it on

i’m ready for easter… actually, i’m nowhere near ready for easter, but i wish it were here.

i know this will be a week of 2 am wakeups. The week before an event is always like this… filled with anxiety about whether it’s good enough, creative enough, clever enough… I keep wanting to tell people not to expect too much.

These are, of course, all the wrong things to worry about.

the only way to stay sane in the leadup to events like this is to remember that the whole point of them is to put people into a space where they might encounter the story. The story of Easter is a gift for that because the themes are the grand existential themes of life. they lie just beneath the surface for nearly everyone: death, meaninglessness, waiting, transformation. Honour the story well and people will find their place in it.

That’s all we have to do. Honour the story.