We went to see Candy yesterday. Don’t take the youth group.

The film is a stunning and harrowing depiction of two people who get trapped in the cycle of heroin addiction.

There’s a scene in the middle of the film where Dan and Candy are going through withdrawal from heroin, and Brian Houston from Hillsongs makes an appearance on the tv playing in the background of their room… he lasts 10 seconds before, dan, in his psychotic, hallucinated agony, realises that he cannot stomach the incongruity between the gospel portrayed on the tv and his current hell, and switches the tv off.

i’m writing about redemption at the moment – exploring how the gospel brings redemption to the most godforsaken parts of our reality. i’m 3/4 of the way through the article, having deconstructed the various cliches traditionally offered in these situations… i have no idea yet what the ending will be…