casting out demons

I so don’t want to end up in a situation where i’m doing an exorcism tomorrow in the prison. Or where I have to turn one down.

With that disclaimer, this is a prayer of thanksgiving and confession, to go alongside Mark 1:21-28

we thank you for this extraordinary world
and its reminders of resilience, grace, hope and life:
for when grass shoots break through concrete
when the sun emerges after storms
for when people offer laughter in deep sadness
In these moments we see glimpses of who you are –
and we are grateful.

Yet if we reduce you to being like the cycle of nature
or the best of humankind,
we diminish your power to make the impossible real:
to break apart the impenetrable evils of oppression,
to cast out the very real fears that paralyse us
to banish the insidious demons of judgement and worthlessness

Forgive us God when we do not trust you to deal with the unspeakable awfulness in our lives and world.
In the silence we name the parts of our lives and our world that we believe are
too broken to ever be made whole

Leader: Cast out our demons, Lord,
People: Make us new again

Forgive us when contribute to the brokenness of the world and the lives
of people around us.
In the silence we name the things we have done that separate us
from you and from others

Leader: Cast out our demons, Lord,
People: Make us new again

Forgive us when we trust darkness more than we trust your light.
In the silence we name the things we think we need to keep hidden.

Leader: Cast out our demons
People: Make us new again

Scripture says that those who are in Christ are a new creation;
everything old has passed away;
see, the new has come!

Hear then Christ’s word of grace to us:
‘Your sins are forgiven’

People: Thanks be to God.


  1. amy

    I needed this tonight, my friend. Thank you. I have seen too much of the ugly underbelly of humanity, both inside and outside the church in the past week. Trying to get ready for another round.

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