cd’s and mp3’s

[i’ve been thinking a bit more about the stuff below, but i need to get it straight in my head before i write it up here…]

We’ve sadly waved Pete off back to Belfast. He’s welcome back anytime.

A couple of quick things to wrap up… I have 10 or so copies of the Ikon CD Dubh left. They’re $25+p&h. Let me know if you want one – it’s very good. It’s been described as “Meister Eckhart meets Massive Attack in a Belfast Bar”.

Secondly, a few people have been asking about recordings of talks. We hope to shortly have some mp3’s of a few of the things that Pete has done in Australia – some bible studies and workshops. These are not of great quality, but if you were there you’ll be able to make enough out. I’ll keep you posted about progress on that front.