changing zones

i knew i wouldn’t post much while i was away, but i thought it would be more than this… i underestimated the intensity of the trip.

i’m on a last night here in london, after a fabulous few days in paris. i’m soaking up red wine and the internet connection at the baker’s before heading off on the 24 hour hell that is the plane trip from london to melbourne.

it’s good to be going home. it’s so lovely to be getting texts and emails from friends with plans for the weekend, and to be anticipating sleeping in my own bed. but, as i was just saying to jonny, i’ll miss this. something in me finds a home here too.

the most wonderful part of the trip has been watching peoples’ horizons expand, and hearing how connections have been made between experiences, contexts, theologies; watching imagination take shape and ideas form.

quite possibly that’s been the hardest part of the trip too – or at least the most work to participate in.

i’d hoped to feel a bit more inspired myself during the trip – that’s been a guaranteed part of previous trips, but this year it hasn’t been as easy to come by. i’m going home without the normal burst that fires my imagination. i think it will be more subtle and nuanced this year, and maybe the better for it.

i’ll post more about the trip that’s less about me in days to come.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more…

    May your flights be smooth
    May your seat mates be quiet
    And may there be no screaming babies.
    Peace 🙂

  2. Hi Cheryl. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful time. One day I’ll get there too. Have a safe trip home… look forward to further reflections appearing on your blog when you’re rested and recovered from the journey… 🙂

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