thinking back over the year, and the moments and experiences that have changed my thinking…

1. reading John Caputo’s book “On religion” – rediscovering faith in the impossible (that’s brought a whole new light to christmas for me this year…)

2. a conversation with a new friend a few months ago, giving the condensed version of our lives, where he said “the most significant moments of faith in our lives have happened outside of (and often in spite of) the church”…

3. beginning to learn how to write about faith to a ‘non-christian’ audience

4. a conversation with Ricky and Pete at Greenbelt about creating sacred spaces for those who do not want to be christian

5. every visit to prison… [i’ve just been re-reading some of those posts. how quickly i forget! so much still to think about. you can find some of them here, here, here and here.]