checking whether the property manager reads this blog…

I was brainstorming Advent ideas with Mark Pierson last week. I mentioned the reverse graffiti concept, then he told me about a recipe for moss graffiti… so the latest plan for Advent is to make stencils of words and symbols, and to make moss graffiti around the city laneways.

I’ve been doing recces around the city, thinking about which laneways will work – we need brickwork that’s porous enough to hold and grow moss, and which don’t get too much sun. I think the one beside the synod office where I’m based should be fine – at least to practice on. My favourite laneway has always been the one that runs alongside the Chinese church in Lt Bourke St [pictured below]. I checked it on Friday, and it’s going to be perfect. I haven’t quite decided what we’ll spray there yet…


  1. I’ve been thinking for so long about some way of doing some graffiti-like art in public space in some way that doesn’t get me into trouble – thanks so much for pointing out the methods!

    All of the ideas and creative things you’ve come up with a beautiful.. really a blessing and encouragement.. !

  2. Cheryl

    hi neal, thanks for this… i’ve had a lovely 30 minutes trawling around your blog… i was in portstewart just a few weeks ago…

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