Let me say straight up that if you’re looking for christmas inspiration, head straight to Proost… Whatever would we do without them? [and there are also a few things on this site from previous christmas and advent seasons – do a search and see what turns up].

We’re not doing a basement space this year – instead we’re creating some installations for the temporary accommodation villages in the bushfire affected areas in Victoria. These villages have been created to accommodate people whose houses were burnt out during the February bushfires, so they each have a population of a couple of hundred people. We’re going to be putting a sacred space into the villages at Kinglake and Marysville, and if all goes to plan, to mirror the space in a public location here in the city. They will be on the theme of waiting – appropriate for the season, but also responsive to the reality of people living in these communities, where they are trying to keep living though their lives are on hold… The Share Appeal have given us a really generous grant which means we can pay the artists who are involved, and it’s shaping up to be quite a beautiful space. The space will grow and change a little over christmas, through summer and then for the anniversary of the fires.

I’m also working on a series of meditation spaces for Port Phillip Prison during Advent, and a service for Christmas Day.

I miss having a basement space to think about at the moment – whether on a christmas theme or any other. The between the spaces collaborators are meeting for a drink on sunday – we’ve got some plans for next year that are really exciting…