christmas in the basement ii

Mike and Blythe have sent through photos of the basement space, which look great. At some point i’ll put up a fuller description of the space, but – like everyone at the moment – i’m hurtling from one event to the next just now, and there’s not time to think about tomorrow, let alone remember what happened yesterday…

As I said in a previous post, it was a retro ‘welcome to christmas at our house’ theme. We had a life-sized diorama at the entry, welcoming people to the space

This is a very creepy photo of mike’s kids standing with them…

Blythe and Dave produced a fantastic stop-motion animation of the nativity that we projected large onto a wall [with a frame drawn around it so it looked like a picture in the loungeroom]. And this is Henry, who’s 2, standing in front of it – he was a little gobsmacked by the whole thing. ‘Oh!’, he kept saying. ‘Oh’.

The invitations we sent out for the space were a tiny baby doll with a tag attached, that included the line ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water?’, so we had a baby bath with a projected image and sound of water being drained down the plug hole. people could put the doll they received into the water if they wanted.

Henry got worried about them so pulled them out to put on the side of the bath where they could talk to each other…

Here’s where you could sweep the crap of christmas under the carpet:

this is the dining room table, set up for christmas dinner:

We wrote prayers and words onto the plates – I had this thought this morning that if we were to do it again I’d write each setting from a different ‘voice’ – so one would be something like ‘It’s like we’re strangers sitting around the table’… another would be ‘I hope they know I just want them to be happy…’, another would say ‘why does every other family enjoy this, and not ours’ – and then there’d be prayers written onto the table cloth ‘unwrap our grief, leave space for joy… unwrap our despair, leave space for hope….’

We also had a living room space with retro christmas nibbles [mixed nuts and coconut ice!], a ‘spare room’ out the back, and a christmas tree with the most complicated origami stars ever… but more about them at another time…


  1. Bec

    Brilliant as always.
    Love the dinner table – wonder what our families would think if we created something like that at home this Christmas day!
    and the sweeping of the crap under the carpet – fantastic.
    I’m pleased that the babies were able to chat at the side of the bath.

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