i had a note written in my diary on the 1st july that says ‘think about christmas’. so i have been.

two plans so far… One is not formed enough to blog about, but will take the form of an individual resource. the other idea is creating a sacred space in the city, inspired by the Isaiah texts in the lectionary for christmas day which are about the rebuilding of the holy city … i wrote an article for the Age a few weeks ago about the city where i talked about the city being a place where redemption and grace could be as real as the concrete and steel. it sparked a great response from a surprising range of people [mostly outside the church, yet again!]. it seems it’s a concept that really catches peoples’ imaginations. i think we could take it somewhere.

i wonder if we might create some kind of space that gives people a chance to imagine what a city might look like when redemption and grace are as real as the concrete and footpaths… a space to hear the voices of the prophets who are already speaking from the streets, and to listen for what the prophetic voice speaking into city might be saying. minimalist, grotty and surprising. no talk of babies, gifts or the true story of christmas…


  1. Christina Rowntree

    Great idea Cheryl! I’m most interested in Christmas without the usual suspects. A prophetic, grotty, and unglamorous take is very appealing – with chalk on the footpaths and sounds that are real – not canned schmaltzy carols. I’m sure there are plenty of others who would appreciate a grittier Christmas. Looking forward to hearing more – Chris

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